February 19, 2024
Introduction of guest/new members:  Ross 
Annual Due Reinstatement - $20 individual, $30 family
Themes - It was suggested that we have a “theme” for the photo submissions for each meeting.  We will also have general sharing photos as time allows.  You can share any photo you’ve taken in the last year (from date of contest), but it’s not a contest, it’s just to share, so get out and try to get some new pics! Pick out 5 of your favorites to share with everybody at the meeting.
March - Captive Animals - this is a great time to take pictures of your pets or better yet, take a trip to the zoo and get some photos!
April - Unexplored - Something new and different for you…try photographing something you haven’t done before, try a new photo technique, experiment and have fun.
May - Night Cityscapes - Get out and take pictures of a city at night.
June - Flowers
July - Water - Fountains, Waterfalls, water drops, creeks….just make sure they main subject is water
August - Wildlife (Non-Captive) - Any non-captive animal
September - Event - Get out and photograph an event of some type
October - Landscape - Go find a wonderful landscape - Go to a National, State, or County Park, get a beautiful sunrise/sunset, or somewhere close to home, just show us a landscape photograph!
November - Kansas City Zoo - This should be an easy one for this club, get out and take a picture at our incredible zoo.  This can be anything at the zoo, from visitors enjoying an exhibit, to animals, to the landscape.  Just take a photo that highlights the Kansas City Zoo.
January 2025 - Holiday - Photos of any holiday throughout the previous year.
Potential Speakers for the next year
Sean Putney - KC Zoo Director 
Reed H - we will try to get Reed back to one of our meeting this year.
Bill A - Bill has indicated that he would be willing to give a presentation, so we will coordinate with him to see if we can agree on a month.
Please let me know if you have any other ideas or can talk someone into giving us a program.
Learning / Meeting Program Suggestions - Some ideas are:
Creating an event movie with Adobe Software
Video One
CG is going to an Adobe workshop and is willing to share Photography & AI things she learns
If you have any other suggestions/ideas, or know of something in particular that you would like to learn in any of the above subjects, let us know!
Snack signup
February - Thank you Brandon & Jerry
March - Dan
April - Mark
May - Carla
June - Ross
July - Jerry
August - Corinna
September - Linda
October - Patty
November - Carla
Smugmug link for the KC Zoo Photographs - Sent to members through email.
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