Kansas City Zoo Photo Club Newsletter

November 2001

The November meeting of the Kansas City Zoo Photo Club will be on Monday the 19th at 7 PM. at the Zoo Ops building.  Gary Gingrich will present the November program.

Send your website photos to Webmaster@zoophoto.org    

The Great Plain's Nature Photography Meeting will be held on November 17 at the Great Plains Nature Center in Wichita, Ks. It is always fun and worthwhile. Cold Snap Photography (from Minnesota) will present the program this time. www.coldsnap.com/html/c_index.html    

Workers at the Kansas City Zoo are getting ready for WILDLIGHTS. The lighting ceremony will be on Saturday, November 17th. The display will continue through December 30th.

Cedar Cove is an educational Park displaying several types of large cats such as Siberian and Bengal tigers, Cougars also known as Mountain Lions, Bobcats, and a Leopard.  Each visit is a personally guided educational tour. Special Group Tours are available. Marie has talked to the people there, and they are willing to give us a tour without charge because we can help get the word out about the refuge. We need to let Marie know. The refuge is located at Louisburg Kansas. Donations are welcome. http://www.saveoursiberians.com/index_nn4.html    

Another interesting web site: http://www.savewolves.org

Marie has gotten Tim Jannicke from the Kansas City Star as a guest for us in January 2002. Maybe we can have a membership drive for that meeting.

We need new photos to hang in the Deja Zoo gift shop. If you have one or more to hang, contact Crystal Nederman at 913-888-7744 or at picshow@swbell.net.

We will not have a meeting in December.