Kansas City Zoo Photo Club Meeting Minutes

April 15, 2002


Dan Paulsen called the meeting to order around 7:14 p.m.  He asked anyone who brought slides to share to put them in the slide carousel.

The group discussed meeting later in the evening, or having nonslide shows for awhile, because of Daylight Savings Time.

Dan said the Great Plains Nature Photographers meeting is this coming Saturday.  This is an excellent meeting with some really top-notch speakers.  The meeting this time is at McPherson, Kansas, at the college.  It is probably not too late to sign up if anyone wants to attend; you might not get lunch because they were wanting a final count by the tenth, but they are usually pretty good about letting people sign up to go at the last minute.

Wayne Hickox gave the treasurerís report.  We have 25 paid single memberships and two family memberships.  We have $1,051.15 in the treasury.  We owe some bills for the newsletter that havenít been paid yet, but we have well over $1,000 net in the account.

Wayne passed out a one-page roster.  If you have changes to make to your information on the roster, he asked that you make them on his master copy and he will update the roster.

Wayne pointed out that there is a photography exhibit going on by the Lawrence Photo Alliance members at Roeland Park City Hall at 55th and Roe.  It is a mix of landscape, nature, and abstract photography.  It just opened last weekend.  [Note:  This closed May 2.]

Chris Nederman gave an update on the photos in Deja Zoo.  She said the display is doing well but we can always use more pictures.  There is a lot of mat space in the rack if you just want to mat some prints for display.  We now owe 10 percent back to Friends of the Zoo when we sell a picture, but some of the staff isnít aware of this and so doesnít collect it when we sell one, so Chris just sent a check to FOTZ for the 10 percent the last time she sold one.

Chris passed out copies of some information she gets from her Saturday photography class at Johnson County Community College, listing whatís at the galleries around town.  For example, Malinda Welte has an exhibit called Trees at Schlagel Environmental Learning Center at Wyandotte County Lake Park in Kansas City, Kansas.  [Note:  This closed April 25.]

The Northland Camera Club will have eight membersí work at Van Duesen Fine Art Gallery on Tomahawk Road in Prairie Village.  Julie Johnsonís work is also at Van Deusenís through the 27th of April.

It was pointed out that it would be good to include this type of exhibit information in our monthly newsletter.

Dan asked if the group wants to do a workshop or a photography walk-through in lieu of a regular meeting, since itís getting lighter in the evenings and harder to do slide shows.  This was discussed.  Chris said a walk-through would be nice, since we havenít done one for ages.

Jim Rendina said he wanted to throw out an idea.  Weíve carried $800 to $1,000 in the treasury for a few years.  What should we do with it?  Should we plan something?  Wayne said the Web site costs $152 yearly and we spend a little on the newsletter, but new memberships seem to be covering these costs.  It was noted that we bought a block of film during the walk-through a few years ago for the zoo Ė maybe we should buy film and do a walk-through of our own, where we actually get to see the images and keep them.

Marie Bohndorf said a walk-through would have to be done on a Thursday, or on a Saturday or Sunday.  [Note:  It has been learned since the meeting that the zoo will not be open on Thursday evenings this summer.]

Wayne said we could buy the film and order mailers for Fuji processing.  Each person could be responsible for his or her own processing but we could then bring our pictures in to share.  It would help the Web site too.

Jim suggested we might want to shoot print film so we can scan prints easily for the Web site.  A couple of other members pointed out that they had slide scanners that could be used, too.

The group discussed what kind of film to buy.

Mickey Norton said that Ritz Camera is selling Royal Gold 200 four-packs of 24-exposure film for $7.98, or $2.50 a roll for 400 ASA film.  Stuart Riley said he bought outdated NPS film for 97 cents from B&H.  This was not expired film, but film that B&H considered outdated.

Wayne explained that when he mentioned Fuji mailers, he was thinking of using those for slide film.  He said they cost $3.50 to $3.75.  We would each pay for our own processing.

Jim moved that we buy 20 rolls of Fuji Provia 100F slide film and 20 rolls of 200-speed Royal Gold 24-exposure print film for the group to use to get pictures for our Web site.  Barbara Chase seconded the motion, and it passed.  Wayne said he would buy the film.  Everyone will get one roll each of print film and slide film.

It was then pointed out that we have 29 members, so do we need more than 20 rolls each?  How much should we buy?  We could buy a bit more and auction off the extra, or have a slide competition and the winner gets the extra film! 

Jim amended his motion to buying 24 rolls of each type of film.  Bill Pasek seconded the motion, and it passed.

Bill noted that Costco has stopped giving out free memberships.  Membership costs $45 for a year, and they are giving $10 off for the second year.  It was noted that gas there is 3 to 4 cents a gallon cheaper than elsewhere, so in the long run, you can make up the price.  He said he had 140 copies of slides made into 4x6 prints for 20 cents a piece, and he was only unhappy with 10 or so of them.  Linda said that the Costco at I-470 and I-70 has the newer developing machine and its one-hour service is superb and reasonable.  Wayne said the one at 95th Street in Lenexa is also.  Dan said that Samís Club can do prints using a canvas look if you want that.

Discussion about the walk-through continued.  Saturday would probably be the preferred day.  Can we get in to the zoo earlier than the public?  Marie said we used to be able to if we made arrangements in advance.  She will check on it.

We discussed the date to do the walk-through.  We will get the film at the meeting on May 20.  The group decided tentatively that we would do the walk-through on June 1, with June 8 as a rain day.

The group discussed other activities we might do in the summer, in place of a regular meeting or in addition to it.  Chrisís husband will be doing a presentation to us in June.

Marie showed a book called Kansas City Wildlands, which was beautifully photographed by Kevin Sink, Pat Whalen, and Jim Rathert.  It was written by Larry Rizzo of the Missouri Department of Conservation.  We could pick a good place to shoot pictures from the book.

Carol Martin suggested Cave Springs at Blue Ridge and Gregory in Raytown.  Chris said we might consider a group trip to the Blue River Glade.  Carol asked if there is anything to see at Lakeside Nature Center.  Theyíve got a few animals, and there are some nice trails around the structure on a bluff and near a railroad track.  Thatíd be close.  Linda mentioned that Cliff Drive has been spruced up.   The Discovery Center on Troost opened this weekend, and Kaufman Gardens has a lot in bloom right now.

Is there any interest in just getting together on a Saturday morning sometime to shoot somewhere?  Yes.  We could informally contact each other by e-mail and phone if and when someone wants to go out.

Bill said he took classes at the recent Rocky Mountain School of Photography workshop and found them extremely helpful.  For example, he attended a presentation on the zone system of metering.  Bill thought that a lot of people in our group could actually give these classes.  Bill said heíd love to get a group together to practice things like the zone system.  This and other group outings could then be turned into a presentation.  We could go out, take pictures, and then bring the images to the next meeting to give a presentation.

Dan said perhaps smaller groups could go out based on the part of the city they live in.  Those near Olathe could go to Ernie Miller Nature Center, or those in Overland Park could go to the arboretum.  If you live on the east side, you could go to Powell Gardens.

Someone would need to be responsible for showing up, though, and making sure the event happened.  Based on the number of members who have e-mail, you could send e-mails to all but one member, and phone Bill, if you are going somewhere to shoot and want company.  The new roster can provide up-to-date e-mails and phone numbers.

Wayne asked if anyone was interested in old copies of Outdoor Photography or Modern Photography magazines.  Several members expressed an interest, so Wayne said he would bring them in.

The group took a break at about 8:10 p.m. and had cookies brought by Carol.

At 8:30, the group reconvened.  Jim was asked about the status of the Web site.  Jim said we obtained an address for the hosting company and sent them a check for another yearís worth of hosting.  We received a receipt and all is okay on that end.  Jim is working now on getting the Web site updated.

The meeting concluded by reviewing slides and prints brought by members.

Wayne showed slides from his trip to Alabama in February.  Images included an old boathouse in Magnolia Springs.  Lots of people live on the river and still get their mail by boat.  He had images of a shack covered in Spanish moss and a nice shot of a spider web.  Slides also included some white sand beaches southeast of Pensacola, Florida.  He had nice images of sunrises and sunsets on the beach.  In one slide, the sky and water were very red, yet Wayne said he did not use filters for the shot!  He was using Fuji 100F film.

He also had pictures of flowers taken at Family Tree Nursery on Neiman.  He goes at 9 a.m. and they let him take pictures.  For those, he used a Tamron 90mm macro lens with a 2x converter.

Terry Fretz showed some slides he took at Kaufman Gardens.  He was using a ring flash to take the flower shots.

Linda Williams had some neat bird prints.  Since the instructions for this meeting were to bring pictures taken in your own backyard, these were backyard birds, including a house wren, a mourning dove in a tree, and winter sparrows with a junco.  She shared prints of a yellow-bellied sapsucker, a goldfinch on apple blossoms, and a chickadee on sunflowers.  She also had a print of a female hummingbird on a zinnia and a downy woodpecker on a sunflower.

It was noted that Linda has a beautiful backyard and we could take a field trip there!  It was also pointed out that you can use a scarecrow to get the birds in your yard accustomed to human presence.

Mickey brought prints he took from the Topeka Zoo, and Chris showed some creative ones she set up around the house.  Most of these were close-ups that created a pattern Ė like an image of a slinky close-up or ice from the storm on a chain link fence.  She did these for Michael Stoneís class at JCCC.

Wayne moved and Marie seconded that the meeting be adjourned.  The meeting ended at 8:50 p.m.  The next meeting is on May 20 at 7 p.m.  Film will be passed out!

                            -- Tracy Goodrich