September Minutes


Boo at the Zoo – This year’s Boo at the Zoo will be October 28 & 29th from 9:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.  We need volunteers to help take money and photos.   Please let Carla know at the October meeting if you will be available to help out one or both days.    A motion was made that the club purchase a couple of small Epson printers and a photo pack from Sam’s.  This motion received a 2nd and Peggy indicated she would purchase the printers and give the receipt to Terry.   Follow-up:  Peggy has purchased the printers. 


Kiosk – Please bring photos for the kiosk to the October meeting.  Please do not bring in photos from Africa since this area will be closed for the winter in a short time. 


No definite date has been decided for closure of Africa.


Marie requested program ideas.  Please contact Marie if you have any ideas for upcoming meetings.   


Jim suggested November we have fall colors photo contest and a photoshop manipulation contest (see to get the general idea) in October.  Have fun with it and bring something interesting.  Photos can be 8x10/8x12.    Carla offered to help anyone who needed Photoshop assistance, email and she’ll respond as soon as possible. 


Reminder:  January meeting may not be the 3rd Monday due to the holiday, however, since we are in the Ops building, we may be able to have it.  Max will check and let us know.  If we cannot meet the 3rd Monday, we will meet the 4th Monday (22nd). 


Carla gave a brief overview of the Missouri Conservation Federation (  They are very involved with the Missouri Conservation Department.  The Conservation Federation is involved in monitoring the activities/bills in the Missouri legislature on Conservation issues. 


Max updated us on the activities for October (see


Peggy showed pictures from a balloon fest in Brookefield, MO – Marceline (Disney’s old home), covered bridges.


Marie brought a disk of photos in, however, the disk would not play.  Marie, please try again!


Please bring photographs that you would like to share to our next meeting.  Don’t forget the Contests!


Don’t forget, Dues are due!


Hope to see everyone at our next Meeting October 16th!