August 15, 2005

Guest Speaker Roger Gilbert was introduced. Robert is a photographer in Kansas. His work has been displayed at the Schlagle Library, Wyandotte County Library, and Waldo Pizza. The photographs he brought with him were taken on 35mm slide film. He gave the stories behind each of the photographs. He explained that some of his shots were planned ahead of time. Many of his shots were taken by being aware of his surroundings (right place, right time).

He explained that he was getting his prints done at Image Point, which has gone out of business. He usually does his photographs with white matting with a basic black frame.

He was asked if he usually includes the story behind the photograph, when he displays the photographs. He said he does not usually include that part.


Treasury Report: $1,825.28

Projector – Peggy is going to get back with Jim on this. Linda indicated that the projector that the Ozark Wilderness Waterways Club purchased was an Epson, bought on sale at Best Buy for approximately $700 (no longer available at Best Buy).

Photo bags – Linda brought in a sample of the photo bags she has. She gave prices of some she found online ( $25/100 @100/pkg for 8x10 sheets, etc.). She indicated we could buy a few from her, at cost, if we needed some and were not ready to get 100 or so. Sizes are available from 5x7 up to 16x20. They do have some full frame.

Jim indicated he would all Bill and find out the status of being able to sell photos in the gift shop. Ideal situation would be if the shop took them in, on consignment, and bar coded them, like any other merchandise, then once a month, could write a check, minus the 20% commission, to the zoo club. This would make it easier for the gift shop than trying to keep individual names, etc. for each picture sold. It would make it easier for the customer because they would not be required to write a separate check for their merchandise, and they could charge it. More details to come as soon as we find out the status of this.

We decided we would uniformly mat in very basic white. Marie indicated on photographer she had spoke to indicated he used black mats for his animals, which really made the picture jump out. (We may be able to use this as a meeting, demonstrating how to mat.)

Will we have consistent prices or price on our own? After some discussion, we decided to table this conversation until we find out if we will be able to sell in the gift shop. Next meeting, everyone needs to have a general idea of the price they think they should be for discussion.

Cheetah Run – October 8. 2nd Annual Zoo Run. Each year, portions of proceeds will benefit a different endangered species. This year's beneficiary is the Cheetah. There will be a silent auction with lots of animal art. They are requesting donations from local photographers/artists. Photographs/Artwork will be auctioned off in a silent auction. Please bring any donations to the next meeting.

Dan brought a copy of a flyer concerning the rights photographers have. Since 911, many photographers have been restricted from taking pictures. You can find out what your rights are at: . There is a downloadable Adobe PDF file explaining these rights.

Terry brought up that if a Federal Marshall tells you that you cannot take pictures, they mean it!

Update on the Lion Cubs. The cubs are scheduled to be on exhibit sometime in mid-September.

CONGRATULATIONS TO PEGGY LAWRY – 2nd Place in the Kansas City Zoo Photo Contest, Animal Category. You can see her picture, and the other winning entries at

DUES DUES DUES DUES DUES DUES - It’s that time of year. Dues are due. There was a discussion on whether the membership dues should be increased this year. Members felt that an increase in dues at this time may keep additional members from joining. After some discussion, it was determined that dues would remain at $20/year.

New Membership Drive – Marie indicated that she gives out information while she is in the zoo, however the flyers are not the easiest to carry around. Suggested getting some smaller cards or something that could be given out. One member indicated that he had been approached by zoo workers who asked if they could join. He was not sure who was eligible. We would welcome any and all new members.

Promotion/Gallery Show, etc. Could we put on a gallery show or some sort of promotion. Tom indicated there was a lot of details to setting this up and that we would want to do it right. Perhaps next spring. He is going to get some additional information together for us to present to the zoo. Another suggestion that was made was to see about having a "Camera Day", at the zoo where camera club members would be available to answer questions and help out with "new" photographers. Could we get backing from the zoo? More details on these ideas will be forthcoming.

Tom provided a Tech Talk on using a ring flash with macro photography. He also recommended 3 Ansel Adams books. The Camera, The Negative, and The Print. He said these books were good for film or digital shooters.

Marie currently has an exhibit at Corner Coffee Café, 1017 N 6th St. Kansas City, KS. They are looking for people to display work. The next spot available is in September. The pictures can be of about anything. There is 20% commission on any photo that sells.

Thanks to everyone that completed the survey. If you haven’t completed yours, please take a few minutes and complete it. You can send it back to me at