Here is Aprils Zoo Photo Club Newsletter:


April 2005

This month's meeting will be on April 18th at 7 PM, in the meeting room of

the Deramus Building. Bring images to share and equipment to trade or sell.

Marie says we are having a BIG SHOW and TELL next Monday, and we need

contributions from everyone. If you have any ideas for any future programs,

please let Marie or Michelle Riley know.

8 X 10 prints are needed for the KIOSK in the IMAX Theater Lobby. We need

horizontal images as well as vertical ones. The 8 X 10 prints show up better

than smaller ones. Please bring them to Peggy Lawry.

The Zoo Photo Club WEB SITE has been updated. You will notice a lot more

Zoo gallery pictures. We now have three Zoo galleries. We still have room

for more pictures and will add any new ones that are received, as soon as

possible. Please submit them 72 dpi and the long side should be 640 dpi.

Please check out the new site and if you have any comments, pictures or

suggestions, please don't hesitate to email Carla Farris. She has developed

this email address to use for web site comments and photos.

Mystery of the Nile opens in the Sprint IMAX theatre on Saturday, April


Our new agenda is working out very well for our meetings. It is keeping us

on schedule and our meetings varied.

The Kansas City Zoo will have a special summer exhibit featuring a white

Bengal tiger and animals of Asia. Other animals in the exhibit include:

Francois langur, Tufted Deer, wreathed hornbill, red panda, bali mynah,

orangutan, binturong and demoiselle crane.

Carla Farris will be writing the NEWSLETTER this summer, so please send any

pertinent information to her beginning right after the May meeting. Her

e-mail address is

Refreshment list for the rest of the year:

Linda Hanley in May

Wayne Hickox in June

Wylie Stubbs in July

Crystal Nederman in August

Michelle Riley in September

Jim Rendina in October

Ann Moss in November


Barbara Chase, Editor

Newsletter is also attached.