Kansas City Zoo Photo Club Meeting Minutes

March 21, 2005


Bill Pasek called the meeting to order and introduced four visitors for tonightís meeting: Laurie Brown, Jan Humphreys, and Jeff and Cheyenne Mowen. Welcome!

The Treasurerís Report is the same as last monthís: $1,795.

Peggy Lawry shared with the club an extension cord that she bought at Micro Center and Ilford paper she found at Samís Club.

Peggy said she needs 8x10s only for the kiosk. They will be matted. Bill is going to try to do mats that he can take the pictures in and out of.

Bill talked to Max Evans about the club taking pictures for the zoo, instead of the zoo paying someone to do it. There was an e-mail about us getting pictures of the young giraffes, and Max said the pictures are needed for the media. A list was passed around so people who would like to be called when a picture is needed can be contacted by the zoo. If you can be available on a momentís notice, please sign up. Sarah might need some shots for Adopt a Wild Child; Max said we would hear from her if she needs pictures. For example, we may need pictures of the Francois Langurs, the wreathed hornbills, or the tufted deer.

How would we get the pictures to Max? Peggy said she can get the zoo a card reader that reads 11 different types of cards, and then we can just drop a card of pictures on our way out. Or you can give him prints.

Max also said the zoo is going to give credit for photos in the newsletter.

Tom Goodner presented the Tech Talk discussion; it concluded at 8:30 p.m.

Our presentation tonight was several animals from the zooís EAF (educational animal facility). Marie Bohndorf and Tracy Goodrich, who are docents, retrieved a boa constrictor named Sylvia, a chinchilla, and an Amazon parrot for us to shoot. We spent a half-hour or so taking pictures of these animals.

Wayne Hickox said he picked up a free brochure of things of interest in the state of Kansas while traveling back home from Oklahoma recently. It has lots of information on wildflowers, grasses, and so on.

Dan said that a field trip is planned to Burr Oak Woods in Blue Springs on Saturday, May 14. The following Monday is our meeting, so you can show the photos you took then. We need about three people to volunteer to lead the teams of members who want to go on the shoot, so that they can share techniques, answer questions, explain how to set up the shot, and so on. For example, if 15 people want to go, we can divide into groups of 5. We will solidify times and details at the next meeting.

Next month we will have Show and Tell. We wonít have it this month, because we donít have a projector.

Dan said that Johnson County is going to build a new park and recreation district on 1,350 acres near Edgerton, Kansas. It is near I-35 South exit 202, the Sunflower exit. Take that to 207th Street and go about a half mile; itís on the right side of the road. This Saturday, March 26, they will give walks every hour from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in celebration of the 150-year anniversary of Johnson County. These 45-minute walks will cover one and a half miles of moderately difficult terrain. It is not paved, but represents prairie, forest, and streamways. The number to call for information is (913) 268-4925 (to reach Dennis Hendricks). This is the only time you will be able to be on the site for the next few years.

Linda Hanley mentioned Prairie State Park, off of 71 highway on this side of Joplin, close to Nevada, Missouri. It is good in wildflower season. She will get information to share at the next meeting.

It was asked whether we would have a digital projector at the next meeting. There was discussion at a previous meeting about buying a projector. Jim Rendina said someone at the last meeting was to contact him and hasnít. He said itís kind of scary to buy one for $1,200 to $1,300 and end up not liking it. We need a factory rep or someone to show us projectors first, so we can see the quality and so on. You can buy one for anywhere from $600 to $6,000.

Dick Ross said he has a projector that he runs off of his laptop and is pleased with it. He said he will bring it to the next meeting so we can see it. It is a Toshiba, with 1200 lumen. He bought it on eBay for $600.

The white tiger exhibit at the zoo opens May 19 through 22 for FOTZ members only. The tiger wonít actually be on exhibit for two weeks after that. The catís name is Silver and is a 425-pound girl.

The back wall of the Deja Zoo gift shop is open again. Bring prints you want to display to Peggy at the next meeting.

Bill will be out at the zoo next week updating the kiosk. It apparently gets put into a closet during certain events.

Shari Stanberry says she gets asked a lot while shooting with her long lens at the zoo where people can see our pictures. She has a hard time explaining where they are in Deja Zoo. She stated that our photos need to be more visible. Cris Nederman said our sales dropped off when they put the vending machine in that area, because it blocks the view. Max said he would ask Kathy Jarboe, who is in charge of guest services, if there is a more visible place to display our pictures. All he can do is ask.

Carla Farris said she needs pictures for the Web site. It was pointed out that we canít sell photos on our Web site because we are a nonprofit organization with a .ORG Web site.

Carla brought treats for all to enjoy.

The meeting adjourned around 9 p.m. The next meeting is April 18 at 7 p.m.

-- Tracy Goodrich