March 2005

This month's meeting will be on March 21st at 7 PM, at the Zoo Operations Building. Bring images to share and equipment to trade or sell.

Animals will be brought over from the EAF so we can photograph them during our March meeting. Because of this, we will have to meet in the Zoo Operations Building. The Zoo Ops Building is located at the South end of the Zoo Parking Lot.

Here is some information from Marie about wildflowers about to bloom across the state.


Check out the Zoo Photo Club Web site. You will notice a lot more Zoo gallery pictures. We now have three Zoo galleries. We still have room for more pictures and will add any new ones that are received, as soon as possible. Please submit them 72 dpi and the long side should be 640 dpi. Please check out the new site and if you have any comments, pictures or suggestions, please don't hesitate to email Carla Farris. She has developed this email address to use for web site comments and photos.

The Kansas City Zoo will have a special summer exhibit featuring a white Bengal tiger and animals of Asia. The other animals include Francois langur, Tufted Deer, wreathed hornbill, red panda, bali mynah, orangutan, binturong and demoiselle crane.

Upcoming events include The Easter Eggstravanganza on Saturday, March 26th, and Mystery of the Nile opens in the Sprint IMAX theatre on Saturday, April 16th.

Prints are needed (5 X 7 or 8 X

10) for the KIOSK in the IMAX Theater

Lobby. We need horizontal images as well as vertical ones.

From Bob Gress, Director of the

Great Plains Nature Center, 6232 E. 29th N., Wichita, KS 67220


( <> )

Quivira National Wildlife Refuge Photography Weekend

May 6-8 2005

This will be an informal gathering of the Great Plains Nature Photographers. This is prime time for many birds that use the refuge during migration. It should be a great time for photography. The refuge is making the Education Center/Bunkhouse available throughout the weekend for our use. If its not too muddy, the refuge staff will open some of the "backroads" to some hidden parts of the refuge for our exploration.

Camping space is available behind the Education Center and a couple of hookups are available. The Education Center has some bunkbeds available and plenty of floor space if you wish to bring your bedroll and sleep indoors. Two showers and restrooms are available. If you are not a fan of group snoring you can make arrangements to stay in a motel in one of the adjacent towns. Everyone will be responsible for all of their own meals. Bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks. If you plan to attend you'll need to contact Bob Gress, Great Plains Nature Center, ( (if email is not available call 316-683-5499 X106) to make your reservation. During the weekend, we'll request a $20 donation for the "Friends of Quivira NWR." Bring photos to share with others. (I need someone to bring a digital projector.) (Bring your slides in trays, a projector and screen will be available.)

Friday afternoon - Photograph on your own until dark.

Friday evening - Set up your camp and gather in the Education Center to visit with friends or share photos.

Saturday morning - Everyone is on their own, or with friends, photographing in the refuge. We'll have maps available.

Saturday noon - Gather back at the Education Center to eat lunch and share sightings and successful photography locations with others.

Saturday afternoon and evening - On your own photographing in the refuge.

Saturday evening after dark - Gather back at the Education Center to camp, eat and spend the evening sharing photos and stories with friends.

Sunday morning - On your own photographing in the refuge. Head home whenever you want.

Barbara Chase, Editor