Kansas City Zoo Photo Club Meeting Minutes

August 16, 2004


Bill Pasek called the meeting to order around 7 p.m.

Marie Bohndorf explained that Randy Wistoff was to be the guest speaker tonight and was going to give us an update on the master plan for the zoo. He had a death in the family, however, and is unable to attend tonight.

Bill asked if there were any guests or no members. Tonight there were none.

Bill said he had name tags for those who requested them, and he brought more camera club brochures for Sarah OíBryan.

He asked Peggy Lawrey how the photo wall and rack at Deja Zoo were doing. Peggy explained that she had been sick recently and hadnít made it over lately, but is better now and intends to go over soon to check on it. As far as she knows, we havenít sold any photos lately.

Bill said he went to Liberty Memorial Friday night. He said it took 30 minutes to park and there were cars everywhere. He did not realize at the time that John Kerry was in town, and the Liberty Memorial was not open that night.

Peggy said she talked to a lady there. She has told people that they are having the open nights on the first Friday of every month, but sometimes it has varied Ė in July and August, it was open on a Saturday. September it might be on a Friday, but Peggy isnít sure. The best way to tell is to go online and check, but the Web site has not been updated with that information yet.

Peggy said it was open Saturday night, not Friday, this month. She got pictures of a pink Union Station. Also, Carla Farris has sold $100 worth of prints of it so far.

Bill mentioned the kiosk in the Deramus building with the camera clubís zoo photos on it. Jim Rendina didnít get it changed out yet. So far, he has not called Bill to ask him to help.

Bill was asked how to submit a picture for the kiosk. He explained that we try to put up photos that are relevant to the zoo and to whatever is going on at the zoo at the time. We have used 7x9 initially and now 8x10 prints, either portrait or landscape, plus some 5x7s. If you have a print you want to be considered for the kiosk, you can give it to Bill and he will get it to Jim.

Terry Fretz gave the Treasurerís Report. Last monthís balance was $1,468.74. We received ten dues payments at $20 and two at $30, so the current balance now is $1,728.74.

The camera club Web site was discussed, along with the kiosk. We did not get reptile images placed on the kiosk in time this summer for the traveling reptile exhibit, and it is leaving in September. The Web site has not been updated much in quite a long time. It apparently has been a continuing problem for volunteers to find the time to keep it up-to-date. Intentions are good, but it seems to be difficult to find the time. Perhaps we need more people to help with it? Bill will talk with Jim and Steve Brewer about it.

Sarah said the recent walk-through went well; about a dozen people showed up.

Marie said that Wyandotte County Parks Foundation again wants donations for their fundraiser, Art for the Parks. They will have an auction October 1, and need entries by September. If you donate, you will receive an invitation to the event. It is at Davis Hall at Wyandotte County Lake Park. Funds benefit Schlagle Library and the foundation. They will accept matted and framed prints of any size.

It will be a silent auction. Marie worked with them last year. For larger items, they have an auctioneer. Tickets are $25 and include dinner served by an Italian restaurant. You can take donations to any of the Wyandotte County libraries. Wyandotte West is on 82nd Street. Schlagle is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. They also will take quilts, carvings, and any type of artwork. Marie passed out information to those interested.

Bill distributed copies of the Kansas City Star scavenger hunt held recently, and the group discussed the idea of doing something similar for the club. The hunt involved shooting 15 items around town. The club members in general preferred the idea of having the scavenger hunt items be from the zoo. Other ideas were as follows: We could get two or three people to act as judges, and the winner would get $50. Sarah volunteered to create the list, and she can distribute it by e-mail (and snail mail to those without e-mail). We can start shooting soon and bring our entries to the next meeting.

Wayne Hickox moved and Dan Paulsen seconded that we have a zoo scavenger hunt photo shoot, with Sarah making up the list. The deadline would be the October meeting, to give us more time. Rather than two or three judges, everyone could vote for their favorite. We could have ten categories, and rather than one winner, we could have ten $5 winners, one for each category. You wouldnít have to photograph everything on the list if you didnít want to. Prints must be submitted, either 3x5 or 4x6. The motion carried unanimously. Sarah will get us the scavenger hunt list next week.

Bill passed out a survey to get input on the direction of the club. He asked that everyone take the survey home, complete it, and bring it to the next meeting. This is your club, so let him know what you want.

Bill asked if anyone had a topic for Tech Talk tonight. Peggy raised the subject of monopods. She has had one for a long time, but didnít use it much. Her brother came to visit recently, and they took pictures around town for five days. He has a three-piece monopod in which the bottom twists to adjust. The top has a grip. She learned from him and used her monopod during those five days, and it was a lot of fun. If you donít have a monopod, you might want to get one. Peggy said results are better with a monopod than when just hand-holding the camera. Many members said they do have monopods.

Wayne pointed out that some places will allow you to bring in a tripod for only, say, two hours. But you often can bring in a monopod and shoot all day. Also, the National Park Service was planning to charge an extra fee for using a tripod.

If you bring a tripod in to Union Station, the security guard will make you sign a release. You can use a small tripod at Union Station. These take up a small space. A ledge is big enough to set up a table-top tripod.

At Powell Gardens, you can use a tripod anywhere except the conservatory and butterfly garden, and there you canít use either a monopod or tripod. Wayne said this was because it is so crowded, and a tripod would take up too much room. Peggy said she wants to call and talk to them, because she thinks they are confused. A monopod is held close, and if someone was standing that close, they would be in your zone! So a monopod should be okay in a crowded setting.

Marie said she went to Powell Gardens Friday late, around 3 p.m., and it was a lot less crowded.

What other ways are there to stabilize a camera? Does anyone use a bean bag? Wayne said yes, his wife makes them for him. She uses a rice-like ingredient from Hobby Lobby, instead of beans.

Buy-Sell-Trade Ė Bill asked if anyone had anything. Dan said he has a bulk film loader for sale. Talk to Dan if you are interested.

A member asked for recommendations for a good camera repair place, now that the Camera Repair Center has closed. The group discussed this. It was pointed out that Leland from the Camera Repair Center has gone to Overland Photo Supply at 91st and Metcalf. Camera Works in Mission (Johnson Drive and Woodson) is good. Gass Camera is really good. There is a guy on Lamar, north of 75th, who does it all Ė Now Camera Repair. Dereningerís also is good, but they are about six months behind.

Peggy said she went to James A. Reed Wildlife Area recently. There are a bunch of lakes or ponds, wildflowers, a lagoon, etc.

Linda Hanley said the Ethnic Festival is next week. The Highland Games will be from 12 to 6 p.m. Saturday. These are good photo ops.

Dues are payable this month if you havenít already paid.

We took a five-minute break to eat treats brought by Michelle Riley.

Around 8 p.m., we viewed membersí slides.

Peggy shared some nice images from James A. Reed, including a blue indigo bunting, fish, and lotus.

Gary Gingrich took some photos at the zoo last Saturday. He showed some of those plus a few older ones: baboons, including one shot of a baboon with his mouth wide open (this was shot right up on the glass, and he had to tweak it to remove glare); the mom and baby rhino, bongo, cheetah, chimps, giraffe, gorilla, leopards, warthog, and zebras.

Sarah noted that we had an ice cream safari day recently, and the chimps got treats. It was entertaining Ė they were running around, taking treats out of each othersí hands!

Gary said he had talked recently about photogateway.com. He has loaded about 200 shots onto the Web site. He hasnít sold any yet. People, flowers, and landscapes seem to be popular; animals are not so popular right now. There is an information page that explains how it works Ė there is no charge unless you sell something, and then they take a commission. Wayne said he put 50 on and hasnít sold anything yet. All images are watermarked, so the only way to get a clean image is to pay for it. You set your own prices.

Carla also shared some images taken on the Saturday walk-through: rhino, monitor lizard, bongo, cattle egret, saddlebill stork, crane, cheetah, giraffe, gorilla, kookaburra, lion, Aldabra tortoise, warthog, and the rhino with watermelon!

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m. The next meeting is September 20 at 7 p.m.

-- Tracy Goodrich