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This month's meeting will be on April 19th at 7 PM. It will be in the Deramus Education Pavilion. (Directions below.)

Directions from Sarah: "Photo Club members should park at the East end of the Hippo parking lot. Take the path marked by a short yellow sign that says, "Friends of the Zoo Office," and when you get inside the doors the room will be on your right. I will have signs posted at Deramus as well as at Zoo Ops."

Thank you Sarah! 

This month's Tech Talk will be led by Marie Bohndorf. She will talk about how to price your pictures for sale.  

This month's program will be a show and tell. Sarah O'Bryan will try to bring a projector that can be hooked up to a computer. You can put your pictures on a CD for this purpose.

Also bring your prints and/or slides that you would like to share. 

If you have equipment that you would like others to see or hear about, bring that as well. 

Bring your money and/or your unwanted equipment for the "Buy- Sell-Trade" session. We will try to have this at every meeting. 

Send your images for the Web site to Jim Rendina. Images submitted should be 640 X 480 in size. From there Jim can resize them to fit on the web page. New images are needed on a regular basis. 

Jim also needs prints, 5 X 7 or 7 X 9 for the KIOSK in the IMAX Theater Lobby. He needs horizontal images as well as vertical ones. 

New photos are always needed for the PHOTO WALL at Deja Zoo. Bring your images to Peggy Lawrey. They can be just matted or completely framed. 

The KC Digital Camera Club meeting will be on Tuesday, April 27th at 7 PM at the Waldo Library.

Wyandotte County is planning a big celebration to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the passage of the Corps of Discovery, led by Lewis and Clark.

Forty-five men of the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, including re-enactors portraying Lewis and Clark, will arrive by keelboat and pirogues at Kaw Point, at the confluence of the Missouri River and the Kansas (Kaw) River on June 25th.

As the expedition appears, from downriver a cannon will fire a signal shot from the camp at Kaw Point and their nose cannon will answer. The group will camp at the site, meet the public, and provide re-enactments of the events that occurred on that date here in 1804.

The National Park Service sponsored Corps of Discovery II traveling exhibition will also be stationed there from June 25th through July 3rd.  

Marie received information from the Committee for the Lewis and Clark celebration at Lewis and Clark Park in Kansas City, Kansas. Tables and booths can be rented for the Lewis and Clark Celebration. Booths are 10'x10' and it is $250 for all 10 days - June 25 through July 4. If one was doing just the weekends it is $400 per weekend or $800 for both weekends. If one is doing just the weekdays, it is $350. 

Here is a website for the Lewis and Clark Celebration this summer:



is the website of The Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, Mo., Inc. Also, you can type in Lewis and Clark and get several other websites. One is the National site. 

There is a new web site being set up for the Great Plains Nature Photographers: <http://www.gpnp.org/> There is not much on it yet but there will be. 

Burr Oak Woods is sponsoring their second annual nature photography contest. Photos entered in the competition must have been taken at Burr Oak Woods. For further information, pick up an information, rules and regulation sheet at the nature center in Blue Springs. Winners will be announced at a special reception for the photographers on Sunday, May 16th at 1:00 p.m. 

You might check out


At certain hours of the day, it shows the crane habitat in Nebraska with a live camera. The camera is not set up in a stationary spot. Rather, it moves along the river and covers quite a bit of ground. 

Here is a list of the Wildflowers that bloom in April. ( From the Missouri Dept of Conservation Calendar: ) 

Tickseed Coreopsis
Spring Beauty
Rue Anemone
Celandine Poppy
Wild Sweet William
Shooting Star
Wild Ginger
Pussy's Toes
Jacobs Ladder
Birds Foot Violet
White Trillium
Wild Hyacinth
Dogtooth Violet
Wake Robin
Dutchman's Breeches
Wild Geranium
Virginia Blue Bell
Shining Blue Star
Downy Flox

If you have any news you would like to share with your fellow photo club members, send it to the newsletter editor by the second Monday of the month. 

Barbara Chase, Editor