January 2004                      www.zoophoto.org

This month's meeting will be on January 19th at 7 PM. It will be in the Zoo Ops building south of the Zoo parking lot. Brings images to share and equipment to trade or sell.

Editor's e-mail address change: ChaseCanoe@kc.rr.com

Mitch Pence of Photographx Unlimited at I-29 and 64th St in the Northland, will be our GUEST SPEAKER. He is very knowledgeable about photography. He used to manage the North Town Camera & Video store before it was sold.

Linda Williams will lead a DISCUSSION on filters at the January meeting.

Randy Wisthoff, the new Zoo Director, will be visiting our meeting on Monday.

Bring your unwanted equipment for the "BUY-SELL-TRADE" session. We will try to have this at every meeting.

New photos are needed for the PHOTO WALL at Deja Zoo. Bring your images to Peggy Lawrey. They can be just matted or completely framed.

Send your images for the WEB site to Jim Rendina at: kcfive@kc.rr.com Images submitted should be 640 X 480 in size. From there Jim can resize them to fit on the web page. New images are needed on a regular basis.

Jim also needs prints, 5 X 7 or 7 X 9 for the KIOSK in the IMAX Theater Lobby.

The KC Digital Camera Club meeting will be on January 20th at 7 PM at the Waldo Library.







Barbara Chase, Editor