September 2003            

Bring your checkbooks to the meeting next Monday. Libby or Tracy will be collecting dues for the year.  Single memberships are $20.00 per year and family memberships are $30.00 per year.

 A nominating committee was selected, consisting of:  Dan Paulsen, Jim Rendina and Steve Brewer. We will hear the results of their meetings, and vote on their offerings at the September meeting. If you are interested in assuming an office, you need to contact one of these members right away.

 The dozen people who went to Savannahland were greeted with a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the 80's. A young chimp named Jesse was the highlight of the tour. She entertained us with her antics and impressed us with her intelligence. A lot of cameras were snapping and several people got their picture taken with Jesse.

 The tour also included a walk around the area with the owner of the Park. He is very knowledgeable about his animals, and is truly dedicated to their well being.

It is too bad that the rest of the people who signed up did not attend, as we had to pay for a minimum of 20 people anyway.

 For the second year, the Parks Board of Wyandotte County is having a fundraiser Art Auction. They are asking people to donate nature artwork to the "Art for the Parks". The auction will be on October 24th at Davis Hall at Wyandotte County Lake. If you donate artwork, you will receive one free ticket to attend the Auction on Friday evening. Donations should be in by October 10th.

Items may be donated at the West Wyandotte Library or at the Schlagle Library, or you may bring them to the meeting and Marie will take them for you.

            Marie has found a good  photography information site to check out. It is a quarterly CD for professional photographers called Video Journal that you can subscribe to. The web site is:

Send your images for the web site to Jim Rendina at:

Images submitted should be 640 X 480 in size. From there Jim can resize them to fit on the web page. New, fresh images are needed on a regular basis.

             Presentations will be given at two Mid-Continent Libraries on three different occasions by professional wildlife and nature photographer, Brian Gosewisch.

Library branches are:

North Independence -Sept.11 at 7 PM
Blue Springs South  -October 14 -7PM
Blue Springs South -October 16 -7 PM