Kansas City Zoo Photo Club Meeting Minutes

March 17, 2003


Dan Paulsen called the meeting to order around 7:10 p.m.

 Steve Brewer will be doing a demo tonight of a prototype of the updated Photo Club Web site, and we will discuss the Web site in more detail.

 We had several guests at the meeting tonight.  Dan asked them to introduce themselves.  Ann Moss said photography has been a hobby for 20 years.  This is the first time she has been in an area that had a camera club.  Welcome, Ann!

Walter Hodge said he likes to shoot scenery, family photos, weddings, and travel.  He is getting back into photography.  He was in the Northeast Camera Club in the past.  Nice to have you here, Walter!

Jim Rendina informed the guests that our Web page is at www.zoophoto.org.  Feel free to have a look there to find more information about the club.

Dan asked if there was any old business.  No one raised any issues.

We moved on to new business.  Kathy Hinkle said she had a photograph accepted in an art show in town.  Congratulations, Kathy!  It will be at the Kansas City Museum through April 30 and includes sculptures and paintings as well as photographs.

Marie told us that the Kansas City, Kansas, Public Library is going to build a park where the riverboats used to stop on the river.  It will be called Lewis and Clark Park, and the library needs donations for a private auction to raise funds for it.

Carol Mitchell said that Wolf Park is having an auction in April.  Nine of us from the club went there to Battleground, Indiana, for a photo seminar a while back.  They want anything about wolves – photos, pictures, etc.  Carol does wood-burning and has a plate that she had done with an image of a wolf on it.  She e-mailed a picture of it to Wolf Park and they responded that they want it!  So if you have anything you’d like to donate, she is sure they’d be glad to get it.

Carol also told us about an animal shelter called Savanahland Educational Park.  Savanah is the name of a chimp there that they like to dress up.  They have exotic animals.  It is a private park and is open from April 16 to October 31 by appointment only.  They need groups of at least 20 in order to book an appointment.  Perhaps our club could take a trip there around the end of May?  Is there any interest?  The group responded affirmatively.  Carol said it is located between Pleasant Hill and Harrisonville.  The Web site is www.savanahland.com.  We might want to go as a group in the summer, in lieu of a regular meeting.  She thinks the cost is $6 per adult.

Dan said last week he talked to a woman who had been there and had a great time.  She told him they put the chimp in with people and she climbs all over them and plays with the kids!

Carol was not sure of the hours or if it is weekends only.

Gary Gingrich made an appeal for a shot of an everyday gray or brown squirrel.  He needs it for a marketing project he’s working on and will pay $149 for it.  The deadline is this Wednesday.

Barbara Chase pointed out that the current issue of Alaska magazine mentioned a photo contest.  She made two or three copies of it for those who are interested.  The winner gets $300, and there are other prizes as well.  The shots must be from Alaska.

Dan said he thought folks were getting cabin fever and thought this might be a good time for a zoo walk-through.  Does the group prefer Saturdays or Sundays for that?  After discussion, it seemed that most agreed Saturday would be best.

April 12 is the big opening of the zoo for the summer.  Chimps are the special exhibit this year.  Giraffe feeding starts May 1.

It was decided that we would bring up the walk-through idea at the meeting next month and decide when to have it.  Should the club provide the film for it?  Sarah O’Brien, our zoo representative, said she has a base of photographs but the zoo would like some updates to use for those who have adopted an animal at the zoo.  For some of the eligible animals, she only has one photo, and it would be nice to have more than one to choose from.

Chris Nederman said the wall at Deja Zoo is full, and she even has some spare pictures that she hasn’t been able to put up yet.  If you have some older ones that can come down, let her know.  As a reminder, FOTZ (Friends of the Zoo) gets 10 percent of any sales, and we need prints that are 8x10 or larger.  Chris explained that some pictures have tiny hooks on the back; if yours have that, please put some picture wire on the back as well so the picture can be displayed more securely.

Walter said that those who need custom-made frames should get with him and he can help.

Marie Bohndorf informed the group that Ollie Brogdon from the zoo is working on getting FOTZ memberships for all club members.

Carla Farris said that Squaw Creek has 204,000 snow geese right now, if anyone is interested.  They also have eagles and ducks.  There is information on their Web site.  Also their 100th anniversary is coming up.  Marie pointed out that you should not go on Saturday as they are very busy on that day.  Marie did this and found it very crowded.  She saw three nests but couldn’t see the eagles well.

Tracy Goodrich said she would be willing to put together a show on her recent trip to Africa, but is not sure what she can use to show slides plus video plus digital images, etc.  Can we get a TV that would hook up to a laptop for this purpose?  Steve said something like that should work and we can figure out a way to show the images.  Sarah said the zoo has an electronic slide projector that she can make available, and the zoo has TVs also.

We took a short break and then Steve presented information on the prototype of the updated Web site he has created.  Members gathered around his laptop to see the demo.

Among the things discussed were the camera image used on the Web site (Steve proposed changing this to a more professional-looking camera image, and a size was agreed upon), grouping the photo club news by year, and including a coming events section that is more current with zoo news.  Sarah said she could e-mail us with the zoo information.

Changes were made to Steve’s prototype as issues were discussed.  Member galleries were modified, and “Wolf Park” was changed to “Membership Field Trips”.  Steve wants to eliminate frames on the Web site.  He thinks that, within the next two meetings, we should finish with the design.

We discussed how to organize the galleries.  The consensus was that the main zoo gallery should be the default gallery.

Jim asked about a potential scenario:  what if 40 images of San Diego Zoo are submitted by one member?  The people maintaining the Web site may be overwhelmed if we don’t set some limits.

Images submitted should be 640 x 480 in size.  Actually, Jim and Steve asked that we send 600 x 400 or above.  They can resize images from there as needed. 

Dan proposed that to qualify to have a member gallery page, a member should have four or more zoo animals on the zoo gallery page.  The member gallery will be limited to 12 pictures.  Pictures can be submitted via e-mail or on diskette.

We discussed the quantity of images needed and how they would be rotated.  If we attempt to change out five pictures a month and have 11 meetings a year, that would mean that 55 new images a year would be posted.  If we had a walk-through, probably all the images could be swapped for new ones.

Can we link to the zoo from our Web site?  Yes, we will link to the zoo after we fine-tune our Web site.  This should be done by the May meeting.

We discussed the gallery where we would display other photos from members’ trips.  We decided to call this the Around the World Gallery.  Shall we limit the number of images in that gallery?  We decided that the need for this would be filled by the members’ individual sites, so an Around the World Gallery is not needed.  We will still have the site for membership field trips.

Can we link to our own personal sites from the Web site?  It was determined that this would not be possible if the sites were commercial in nature.  We can have text pointing to that site but not a direct link.  For example, we could say, “For more information, go to this site:  “ and list the site.  Or an e-mail address could be listed.

Steve said we will use Earthlink as our service provider, for a cost of $20 per month.

The group enjoyed banana bread provided by Michelle Riley.

The meeting adjourned.  The next meeting is on April 21 at 7 p.m.