Kansas City Zoo Photo Club

May 19, 2014

Our meeting this month is Monday, May 19th. We will be planning for Jazzoo on June 6th. Also feel free to bring photos to share with the group, I'm sure there will be extra time.

I may not be able to attend Monday's meeting depending on how our Corporate Challenge volleyball team plays tomorrow. In the event we advance to the tournament on Monday night, I will get the memory cards to someone who will be there so they can be passed out to those taking photos at Jazzoo. I plan to be at Jazzoo to collect these photo cards from everyone and post the photos to the smugmug website. Just as a reminder, you must be a member of the club in good standing (membership dues paid) to be considered for shooting at Jazzoo. Someone please take notes for me!

We still need people to sign up for snacks for June & July, please let me know if you are interested.

Photo Contest - the theme this month is spring flowers.

Upcoming Events:
May 17 - Cheetah Run (pending weather) 10:30am
May 25 - Rachel the Chimp's 40th Birthday party 1pm
May 29 - FOTZ Exclusive Evening at Tuxedo Grill 5pm
Jun 06 - JAZZOO!
Jun 07 - World Ocean Day
Jun 15 - Father's Day, dad's get in free
Jun 21 - Cheetah Run (pending weather) 10:30am
Jun 24 - Zoological District Free Day
Jun 29 - FOTZ Family Night
Jul 15 - Zoological District Free Day
Jul 19 - FOTZ Family Morning 8am
Jul 19 - Cheetah Run (pending weather) 10:30am
Aug 02 - Back to School Day
Aug 16 - Cheetah Run (pending weather) 10:30am
Sept 20 - Cheetah Run (pending weather) 10:30am
Oct 18 - Cheetah Run (pending weather) 10:30am
Oct 22 - FOTZ Annual Board Meeting
Oct 25 - Boo at the Zoo!

May - Walter
June -
July -
Aug - Walter
Sept - Jennifer
Oct - Jeff
Nov - Kathy