Kansas City Zoo Photo Club

August 18, 2014

Our meeting this month is Monday, August 18th. Bruce Hogle will be giving a presentation on the Flint Hills.

August is also the month for Elections & Dues ($20/person, $30/family)
(Terry has resigned from being treasurer, Juanita has taken over)

Boo at the Zoo - The calendar only shows it on October 25th, but the write up says its both the 25th & 26th from 9:30am to 5pm. We need a plan of action.

Photo Contest - Butterflies / Moths.
(congrats to last month's winner - Kathy, with her drops of dew on the spider web)

Upcoming Events:
Aug 16 - Cheetah Run (pending weather) 10:30am
Sept 20 - Cheetah Run (pending weather) 10:30am
Oct 18 - Cheetah Run (pending weather) 10:30am
Oct 22 - FOTZ Annual Board Meeting
Oct 25 - Boo at the Zoo!
Nov 1 - Great Pumpkin Smash
Nov 15 - Cheetah Run (pending weather) 10:30am
Nov 15 - Nikita's Birthday Party
Nov 15 - FOTZ Exclusive TBA
Dec 6 - Holiday WILD
Dec 6 - FOTZ Exclusive TBA

Aug - Walter
Sept - Pam
Oct - Jeff
Nov - Kathy