Kansas City Zoo Photo Club

Gallery 19


Spring at the zoo is always an exciting time. The grass is beginning to turn green and in the cool days, the animals are always more active. The African Crowned Cranes above were in the midst of a mating dance when this photo was taken.
The zoo has it's share of "extra" animals. The giraffe above has come upon a Canada Goose nest, which the goose is determined to protect!
One of the best things about our zoo is that the animals have plenty of room to roam. It's a prefect opportunity to see them in a natural habitat, enjoying a day grazing.
The new Tropics building is an exciting addition to the zoo. Here are just a couple of the new animals you can see.
When I first got to the enclosure, I didn't immediately see the chimpanzees. Then as I walked along the path in front of the enclosure, I saw a couple chimps sitting and relazing. As I was watching them, I heard something in the brush directly in front of me. As I looked a little closer, I noticed this little chimp playing. At first I thought the chimp with him was mom, but it turned out to be the babysitter. After watching for a little while, the babysitter took him up to mom for a snack. Once finished, the babysitter took over again, and he hopped on for a ride up the hill. Mom followed after them.
Our club had an opportunity to display some of our photos from the zoo at a recent zoo event. During the day, Spiderman showed up to entertain the kids and sign autographs.