KC Zoo Photo Club Gallery 17

Kansas City Zoo


Saturday, March 21 was scheduled to be a nice spring day. There was a slight chance of rain, but I decided to head out to the zoo to see the Cheetah Run. The Cheetah Run occurs the 3rd Saturday of the month. This is a great opportunity to see the Cheetah in action. Gigi, Claire, and Sadie chase the lure at the end of a motorized track. It moves fast, but they can run 60+mph. It's fast paced, exciting animal action. See the KC Zoo website for the next opportunity to see this amzaing event. Here are some of the photos from Saturday, March 21, 2009.
After the Cheetah Run, I decided to spend some additional time around the zoo. Africa had just opened a week or two before so I had not been able to check out the new decks and changes that had been made over the winter. Spring is always a great time to see the animals out and about., enjoying the beautiful weather. As I walked around I ran into several other club members that were out doing the same thing...enjoying a day at the zoo.
When I arrived at the Chimpanzee enclosure, I was a little disappointed that none of the chimps were in sight. Although I'm always disappointed when this happens, I always try to wait around a few minutes for a chance to see them. I've seen a lot of people, turn and leave immediately when the animal isn't directly in view. As I looked around, I noticed the chimpanzees moving up, behind some of the trees toward the top of the enclosure. Then I noticed a chimpanzee over to the left side of the enclosure, high up in the tree. I walked over to watch him and in the meantime, the others had grouped up near the main viewing area. I headed back over there and got a few shots. One of the things I love about our zoo is that the animals have plenty of room to roam around. The chimpanzees have plenty of trees to climb.
There are always a few extra animals to see on a trip around the zoo. I hope you'll take the chance to enjoy a day at our wonderful zoo!